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QuitKick is the revolutionary product guaranteed to stop equine stall kicking and door banging - humanely, reliably, and faster than any other approach.

Your horse is an investment.  The force of a horse's kick against a stall door or wall has been compared to that of a car, travelling at 20 miles per hour, then suddenly smashing into a stone wall.  Some damage will be obvious - boards may have to be replaced, shoes put back on, slivers or lacerations tended to.  Less obvious, but of greater concern, is the damage to soft and connective tissues, as well as hoof and bone, that vets tell us can result from the repeated concussion of a stall kicking habit.  "Generalized Lameness" is frequently associated with stall kicking and door banging.

Dr. Susan Armstrong, DVM advises:  "Owners or trainers of horses with habits such as stall kicking and door pawing should be aware that they are not benign behaviors and can cause severe injury to equine limbs and hooves. Although these habits and the resulting injuries are rarely studied or widely reported, owners and trainers should take the possible consequences of door kicking and pawing seriously and endeavor to prevent such behavior." 

When you install a QuitKick system, the kicking will stop.  Guaranteed, or your money back.   Some of our customers have even reported that installing a QuitKick has changed their horse's overall demeanor - making the horse calmer and more accepting  in other aspects of their life. ( Look for an interview with Ernie Retamoza, manager of a throughbred racing farm in Ocala, Florida,for more on his reaction to installing a QuitKick system in our first ever blog entry, coming soon!) 

Install a Quitkick system and protect the investment of time, money, and energy you have put into your horse - not to mention your peace of mind.


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