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When a horse develops the habit of kicking in the stall, it can be dangerous, costly, and very annoying. Whether it kicks only at grain time, or routinely throughout the day or night, stall kicking can lead to leg and foot injuries, back and shoulder soreness, and can interfere with your training schedule as well as increasing vet and farrier costs.  In extreme cases, stall kicking has resulted in broken bones, necessitating euthanasia of valuable equine athletes.

 "Owners or trainers of horses with habits such as stall kicking and door pawing should     be aware that they are not benign behaviors and can cause severe injury to equine         limbs and hooves. Although these habits and the resulting injuries are rarely studied or   widely  reported, owners and trainers should take the possible consequences of door       kicking and pawing seriously and endeavor to prevent such behavior."                           - Susan Armstrong, DVM 

Prior to the invention of QuitKick, a stall kicking habit could not be cured without time consuming and intensive one-on-one training.

QuitKick works quickly and effectively, because it produces a 100% consistent response that human interaction cannot replicate. Once installed, QuitKick training requires no human interaction; your horse teaches itself to stop kicking in its stall.

QuitKick gives you peace of mind; not only can you rest assured your horse will not injure itself or damage the stable, you can be confident that your horse's stall kicking habit will be addressed without impacting your relationship with your horse.

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